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    BlueVPS, a division of BlueFire IT Services, Inc. which was founded in October 2011, has since been offering VPS hosting to a range of personal and enterprise clients for over 4 years. BlueVPS highest priority has and always been customer support to ensure our customers get the most out of our services. We offer a proactive approach to the feedback our loyal customers provide, which allows us to help deliver better solutions each and every year.

    Main Data Center. Location: Miami, FL

    BlueVPS has recently invested heavily in enhancing our services and upgrading our network to use Cisco based hardware alongside our Dell Direct Partnership agreement for VPS grade dedicated servers. We have also increased our number of full-time employees primarily in our technical support department to continue supporting our services to the highest level possible.


    The BlueVPS network operates on a quad router multi-gigabit network which provides enhanced routing, capacity, and redundancy. Our network infrastructure is made up of multiple upstream providers utilizing a number of network entry points to ensure high quality bandwidth to reduce the possibility of any downtime or latency issues.


    The datacenter guarantees all customers a redundant high-capacity, stable and reliable power supply which can easily be scaled to support any future expansion. All power feeds are isolated between racks with regular checks and maintenance to ensure stability. The data center also boasts high quality uninterruptable power supply units to maintain power to the entire building in the event of a main grid failure. Plus, it supplies an on-site diesel generator backup system that will run for extended periods of time.

    Air Conditioning

    To ensure optimum performance, all data floors are maintained at a constant 21°C ± 2°C and relativehumidity is kept at 50% ± 10%. Both are continually monitored electronically and will alert on-site staff upon thresholds being surpassed.

    Fire Detection/Suppression

    The data center facility contains a VESDA (Very early smoke detection apparatus) fire detection system to help avoid fire and ultimately service disruption. This is coupled with an FM200 gas-based fire retardant that is environmentally friendly to put out fires instantly without damaging equipment.


    To provide maximum security the data center is located within a secure compound consisting of perimeter fencing, electric gate entry and a gate house which is manned 24x7x365 by security personnel. Strict access controls are operational within the data center building include proximity access card readers and secure lockable racks to prevent unauthorized access to the data center and equipment.

    If you have any questions about BlueVPS please feel free to contact us by using the information located on our contact page.